Friday, April 17, 2009

How's the new look of my blog? Someday I'll figure out what I'm doing!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been an extremely busy month! Birthdays, more birthdays, Christmas, and 2 Baptisms! I've included a couple pictures of the twins on their baptism day. They are wonderful girls, so good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We are keeping very busy with school and the other stuff we keep involved in. Church itself keeps us busy with callings, I’m still doing choir and Jeff Elder’s Quorum. This week they are stripping the peaches on Wednesday, Thursday there is a RS activity on canning (I probably won’t go, since I know how already), on Saturday is the General Relief society broadcast, with a dinner and small humanitarian activity before it. Also, I’ve stayed involved in the sports the stake does, to stay in shape, so that all keeps me busy. I’m glad for Sundays when I can just relax and spend time with Jeff and the kids.
They are enjoying school, it seems to be going well. Rachel is little Miss Popularity. Every day she gets a hug from a new friend, and girls come up to her with huge grins and saying “Rachel!! I’ve missed you.” One mom told me, “All I hear is ‘Rachel this and Rachel that’ “. Mia is always making sure Rachel’s nearby too. Ammon is oblivious. But Rachel’s loving kindergarten, always so excited to tell me about the new things they learned that day.
Eliza and Natalie are in different classes this year, and seem to be liking that just fine. They still have some things together, like math and reading. They aren’t quite so outgoing, so making friends has been harder, but they still seem to be getting to know friends and enjoying themselves. Natalie says her teacher was grumpy this week, so she didn’t have as much fun. I can’t really say I blame the teacher, it would be a very hard job to stay happy with that many kids constantly asking questions, with all their energy.
I have to tell you a funny thing Rachel said the other day. She was asking me if she could get something out, and I wasn’t sure she could do it. I asked if she was old enough, and she said of course, she’d done the same thing just the other day. I said, “well, aren’t you just a grown-up!” and she replied (in a little voice with attitude), “Well, I’m 5, and that’s close to 20!” She’s so cute!
Ben is doing well, although often bored without Rachel around. I get to talk to him a lot more now though. He’s enjoying being a big brother, especially since Jed can play a little bit more. He always wants to play with friends though. I would like to help him with letters and writing, and he has no interest in that stuff though.
Jed is great. He’s so cute, and growing right up. His birthday was fun, he didn’t care about opening his presents, he liked playing with them wrapped as much as unwrapped. He’s crawling everywhere now, and into all sorts of trouble. He loves the stairs, but has mostly mastered them. He’s going to be mischievous, if right now is any indication.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay, so I'm new to blogging, but it's about time I got with technology. We'll just see if I have time for it!